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Improved support for setting mail IP addresses and updating SPF records accordingly...

hbouma shared this idea 8 years ago
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With the CBL now blacklisting IPs that host wordpress sites with pingback enabled, its now become critical to no longer have shared hosting accounts on the same IP address as the shared mail IP address. Otherwise you can be blacklisted for issues that are due to hosting issues and not email issues. I've been finding that the ability to change the server's main mail IP address is very lacking and is really making dealing with the CBL issue difficult.

For example, if you go into the SPF section in cPanel, it shows the server's main IP address to use for the SPF record. This is shown regardless of whether or not that account is using that IP for their email. So its impossible for customers to properly set their SPF records based on this information. It should be based on what is found in /etc/mailips. Or better yet, there should be a setting in the mail server configuration that lets you specify the main outbound IP.

Also, if I need to change a mail IP address, cPanel should update all the SPF records that are dependant on it so that customers email delivery isn't broken over it. Right now if I have to change the main outbound IP, anyone who has setup SPF records will have problems trying to have their emails delivered because its not configured with the new IP address.

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We simply use a spf include in the dns template with all of our IP's in it…

You can already set accounts to use a dedicated IP, but I agree that it should be made easier to change the sending IP so hosts can have multiple IP's and disable an IP if it gets blocked somewhere replacing it with a new IP

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