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Improved UI for changing multiple accounts IP Address

JacobHansen shared this idea 7 years ago
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I have just done a full server migration by following this guide:

In Step 5, it is required to change the IP address of every single account on the server by using the "Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses" tool. However the UI for doing this is horrible.

On the first screen you need to manually click all the check boxes for every single account. There is no way to select all accounts.

On the following screen, after having selected all accounts, you need to manually, for each and every single account, choose the IP address you want the account to be on.

Having just done a server migration with over 250 accounts, this took about 45minutes for two people to do, and a lot of mouse clicking.

This could be greatly improved by either:

- Having a tool to change all accounts IP address to the main server IP

- Improving the current tool to be able to select all accounts in an easy way, and setting the IP address for all these accounts in one go, instead of having to do it manually for each account.

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I feel like this request is very similar to another that was just submitted, but doesn't take the reseller role into account. Do these sound similar enough to you that we could merge them together?


I agree with this request, when we need change +200 accounts to a non main IP address, we take a lot of time selecting the IPs in the dropdowns.

1 dropdown for each account is not a good implementation.

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