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Improving the "Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses" UI

Ahmed shared this idea 5 years ago
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When changing the IP Address for multiple accounts (imagine 30~40), and if a server has a lot of IPs, the process becomes rather cumbersome and there's a lot of room for human errors. Below are some suggestions I believe would greatly improve the overall experience with this feature in WHM:

  • Use "select2" in the list of IP Addresses (probably the easiest to implement) like in cPanel's Account switching when logged in as root/reseller.
  • Add an option to apply one IP to all or multiple accounts in one take (checkboxes, please).
  • Add an option to apply a reseller's (or the main) shared IP to multiple accounts in one take (yes, checkboxes here too).

Thank you for your consideration.


I know that other requests exist:

I hope that the points I made in this particular request offers more clarify on what I, and hopefully other users, would like to see.

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