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Include an optional wrapper for mail functions and sendmail to better handle outgoing spam.

cPTrevor shared this idea 9 years ago
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Currently there's no "one click" way to disable the email sending for an account, and very limited options for filtering outbound email.

Webmail may be disabled, SMTP Connections can be blocked using "SMTP Restrictions", and PHP scripts can be stopped by disabling the mail() functions in the configuration, but all that still doesn't stop messages from being sent using sendmail directly.

While users can always create a blockeddomains list using Block one domain sending email from server , but even this is far from convenient, adds an additional list that needs to be managed manually, and doesn't stop only spam messages from being sent.

Is it feasible or possible to move all mail sending functions through an optional perl wrapper?

Ideally, this wrapper can then be leveraged to allow better outbound filtering and outbound spam blocking rules besides the methods currently offered and would consolidate the different ways that users may send email through a WHM/cPanel managed interface.

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