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Individual IMAP Account Bandwidth Usage

gene. shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like cPanel to further differentiate Bandwidth use inside cPanel by individual email address and service (POP3/IMAP) to allow us to more easily diagnose problems with regard to email bandwidth usage.

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I'd certainly like to see the usage include inbound mail. We have recently noticed a large volume of inbound IMAP traffic where a customer was synchronising local folders with an IMAP account and we had a sustained high level transfer for nearly a day. This however is not counted at all as cPanel does not track inbound IMAP


I know this feature may be not wasy to code. So, at least one interesting metric you indeed could be able to code would be granular statistics showing bandwidth used by any individual email accounts. That would help find and fix potential misconfigurations or abuse cases.

Hope you can take it into consideration anytime soon.

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