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Initiate Backups from WHM Configuration

PbG shared this idea 7 years ago
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Upon configuration of Backups it would be helpful if the option to initiate one or more backups existed from WHM. Currently we may only initiate backups from CLI. Why not let us select one or more users from the configuration we just validated and backup the same?

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Exposing the ability to "start a new backup run" through the interface would still encounter the same restrictions as running the script manually via CLI. Notably:

  • If there are no backups to run (they're all up-to-date), none would run
  • It's not possible to check backups and run backups for just one user
  • Backups would not run if the server time is within the "blackout" hours

This means there's many situations in which manually initiating backups would in fact not do anything. An "override" button could be provided, but I am curious as to how many users would in fact want to force backups to run out of band (mid-day during prime time hours).

I'd love to hear more feedback on the use cases for this, too.


Brian it is possible to select one user and initiate/force a backup of the same. Simply disable all users and select one or more accounts as I did to observe system load and/or test validation. Especially useful when doing remote backups as I do. An override would be required as I had to add the --force option to complete my mid day out of band test. I'm just saying it would be convenient to do all of this from WHM.


Another useful feature that I would include are the ability to restart one or more failed backup transfer(s). Currently I have to disable all the users re-enable the failed users go back to the CLI force another backup which creates new archives. Transfer of the existing archive(s) would be quicker and certainly more resource friendly then recreating the archives.

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