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Install and configure the stock manager and/or host-manager applications under EA4 Tomcat

Sloane Bernstein shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I want to be able to manage my private Tomcat instance from a GUI. Although cPanel does not provide this capability on its own, Tomcat itself does provide a GUI, via the "manager" and "host-manager" applications which come with Tomcat.

cPanel already distributes these applications in /opt/cpanel/ea-tomcat85/webapps, and except for some minor permissions issues, a user can copy these into ~/ea-tomcat85/webapps, configure appropriate values in their Tomcat configuration and the application configurations (including user names and roles, as well as access controls), and then access these tools, which allow for easier future deployment of Tomcat pages.

Furthermore, as a server administrator, I want cPanel to be able to install and configure these tools for my users as soon as I enable Tomcat for their cPanel accounts.

(Ticket #10701003)

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