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Interface for customising Open ID Connect Login buttons

John shared this idea 6 years ago

The External Authentication buttons on the cPanel login page (eg. "Login via WHMCS") can currently be modified by duplicating and editing files as discussed at

However this may prove to difficult for some users, so an interface within WHM whereby the button colour, image and text could be customised, would be more accessible and user-friendly.

For example; many WHMCS users do not refer to the software by its brand name, but rather a generic term such as "Client Area", Members Area" etc. Therefore the ability to easily change the login button would be beneficial.

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This is our thoughts exactly! While not overly difficult, it does prove a challenging task for someone who is not familiar or comfortable in performing the necessary steps required now.

We work with a lot of WHMCS installations and already received a few inquiries regarding this. While we're more than happy to perform the steps, to offer a more suitable user-friendly UX, I think more direct controllable options would be really beneficial.

Thanks for the consideration!

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