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IP Address pool for Apache instead of listen *:80

asambler shared this idea 10 years ago
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This should be pretty straight forward.

An IP address pool box, that adds a listen ip:port line to httpd.conf per each IP instead of the default "listen 80" which binds apache to all available interfaces.

This would allow more control over the available IP addresses on the server and what we want to do with them.

Currently, I'm running a proxy setup for a third-party app that needs Nginx bind to port 80 on a single IP addres. I've added all my available IP addresses to httpd.conf manually, except one that I need for the proxy.

It works fine so far, however I don't like the idea of my setup breaking the next time Cpanel needs to rebuild httpd.conf.

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The Reserved IPs Editor in WHM (

  • Home » Service Configuration » Apache Configuration » Reserved IPs Editor) allows you to specific which IPv4 addresses Apache will, or will not, listen on.
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    Thanks it worked.

    Is there something similar for Pure-FTPD?

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