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IP whitelist / blacklist for FTP access

leray shared this idea 8 years ago
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Allow cpanel users to limit/grant access to their FTP accounts by IP :

- block all, allow IPs from whitelist

- allow all, block IPs from blacklist

- for whole cpanel account

- for every ftp account separately

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There are a lot of Joomla and Drupal hacks due to compromise of FTP login & pass. I hope that CPanel will implement this asap!


this is a must with many pureFTP hacks not being able to be prevented easily, changing passwords is just not as secure as only allowing a set number of ips to acess.


this should also support both protocols: ipv4 and ipv6


with dynamic ip pools it may be difficult to allow access for a specific IP/range.

in this case, a feature to allow access from specific countries would be very useful. (why let the possibility to log in to your account from the other side of the globe if exactly know you don't need it)

there might be problems with the accuracy of IP lookup, but anyway, many of our clients would it useful

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