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IPv6 dedicated IP for sites with shared IPv4 address

intermelt shared this idea 9 years ago
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When enabling IPv6 to a site that has a shred IPv4 address, it does not use a new IPv6 address, it uses the same as all the shared sites.

In most cases the minimum block someone will get is a /64, every site should be able to have a unique dedicated IPv6 address, even if it shares an IPv4 address.

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With our current IPv6 implementation (launched in 11.40), all of the assigned IPv6 addresses are dedicated IPs. If you are seeing IPv6 associated with multiple user accounts, then this would be a bug.


and what aboutn ipv6 sni support ?

the shared ipv4 adres is default added tot the vhost. the ipv6 443 port is open in the httpd.conf but sni is working on ipv4 but not on ipv6.... the shared ipv6 adres is missing........... strange ipv6 implementation.

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