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Let user choose "main domain" associated to the account.

Miro Kosik shared this idea 8 years ago
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If user has more domains under one account (addon domains), it would be good to let user choose main domain, release current main domain (so it could be removed if it's not owned by user e.g.). It's especially necessary, because main domain is "connected" with special FTP account, mail addres, subdomains, etc.

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I think the concept of main domain should disappear. There's no need to have a main domain, each account should have multiple domains (or just one) associated with it without having the concept of the main domain.

This solution solved this feature request problem and also can be used at a start to clean up the add on domain subdomain creation mess... There's no point it's just a poor configuration made by cPanel.

Regarding the main spacial FTP account, it could be provided as Using the server FQDN as server and cPanel username as username. This what should have been done from the beginning.


If the CPANEL users can choose main domain whenever they like, then software like WHMCS gets out of sync, and will cause a lot of confusion.

I agree with TCB13, and are waiting for true multi domain support without a main domain.

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