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Local development license

Marco Aurélio Deleu shared this idea 4 years ago
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After some research on Google, cPanel Forums and also talking directly to cPanel Sales staff, I got into a dead-end about this and I've seen that I'm not the only one that tried this before.

The goal is to have a development environment for Software Developers to work on before publishing software releases. I'm aware that since I'm a cPanel license holder, I'm entitled to 3 development/testing free licenses, but they're useless to me since they require a dedicated IP address. My personal internet connection does not have static IP Address and I don't want a VPS or remote testing server because that would defeat the purpose of having a Local Development Environment. It is A LOT easier to share project files from my host computer with a Guest environment with Virtual Box and Vagrant, but to move software files from local computer to online VPS or host everytime I want to test a small change defeats the purpose of having a development/testing local environment licensed.

TL;DR: I'd like to install cPanel on a Virtual Machine on my computer without a static IP address so I could work on my projects and test them in a full cPanel environment before moving them live and having it breaking due to different server setup.

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TL;DR this seems like a no brainer of a good idea but actually, I think it could be circumvented too easily.

This would be an excellent feature indeed. I'm surprised it doesn't exist already. How hard would it be to restrict such a license to private Ip address ranges? Seems a no brainer to me.

... then again ... I suppose are border gateway could just fudge some routing to make the thing accessible publicly. Hmmm. :-/

EDIT: I found a developer license application for at Unfortunately, it's only for developing apps that integrate with cPanel itself.

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