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Mail Delivery Report on WHM API

Alvi Lourenco Almeida Jr shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like Mail Delivery Reports to be made available in the WHM API so that we can easily integrate mail delivery reports in our applications. In the past, this was possible directly using MySQL, but it’s difficult to integrate with SQLite. If possible, please add the mail subject as a column on the delivery report.


Hello cPanel Team!

Please consider to insert the Mail Delivery Report on WHM API, this will enable that we integrate the mail delivery reports on our aplications very easy. In the past, was possible access the mail delivery report directly by MySQL but now with SQLite it´s hard to integrate.

And if possible please add the mail subject column on delivery report, its will be great.


Alvi Jr

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I mean the Mail Delivery Report, like avaliable on WHM today, with filters ex. by date, user, from, recipient, etc. The emailtrack_search function avaliable on WHM API 1 as I see, does not filtering by period (I can´t see this option).


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