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Mailbox nearing quotas need to be notified more frequently that every 24 hours.

Guy Holvey-Clark shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server administrator and email user I would like the ability to configure cPanel to alert on an hourly basis if a cPanel account is nearing its quota, as daily notifications can result in significant problems, including lost or delayed communication, if the account fills up early in that day.

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Is the intention to notify you the server administrator hourly, or notify the end user hourly via email?

Also do you see value in a notification within the product in addition to the email notification?


To notify me as the server administrator so I can remedy the issue. I have had issues in the past where a mailbox has filled up and emails have been lost between the point capacity has been reached and the point that the notification has been sent out. Ideally the notification would be instant.

I see no value in notifications from the product, for me personally, as I spend very little time logged into the service.


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