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Make cpservd attempt a license re-sync on a successful login when existing license is expired.

Shaun Reitan shared this idea 6 years ago

We run into this issue quiet a bit. A customer fails to pay their bill and their cPanel license is expired. They login and pay their bill and even though the license has been re-activated they get a expired license message. The only way to correct this is to login via SSH and sync it manually. One of three things usually happens...

1) The client logs in via SSH and re-syncs their license

2) The client contacts us and asks us to re-sync their license

3) The client contacts us, is angry claiming we did not re-active their license.

You'd be surprised how often #3 happens!

What I propose would be to have cpsrvd attempt to re-sync a expired license on a successful login. This way the license server would only be queried for a real users and would not be hammered by servers with failed licenses and bots hitting cpservd.

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Thanks for sharing this, Shaun.


This request was resolved in cPanel & WHM Version 70. You can read about it here:

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