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Make it easier for me to see new feature requests. shared this idea 5 years ago

I am getting a lot of requests from users of the site to see new requests, and especially trending requests. Are you one of those people? Vote below!

As a member of the cPanel community, I would like to see a weekly report of new and popular feature requests delivered to my inbox

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Voted no beacuase we use the RSS feed to follow new requests.


That makes sense. Any emails would definitely be an opt-in sort of deal. The only value I could add over RSS would be some data about trending requests.


Same here - prefer to see this as an RSS over emails.

I'd take emails over blog unless the blog has a separate topic/tag/category with RSS for just that category and the post is limited to just the minimal info (like a bulleted list format) rather than full "story article". Basically a minimal blog post usable as an RSS feed.

iow, the least clutter option wins here.

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