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Make MultiPHP INI Editor work with mod_lsapi

Rodrigo Gomes shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I'd like to use MultiPHP INI Editor with mod_lsapi which are currently incompatible, so we can edit php.ini more easily.​

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This is critical, since lsapi is much better/faster than suphp, etc.. The inability for customers to edit their own PHP setup is a major problem.


It's worth noting that this problem can be easily "worked around" with the following simple fix:

1. Login to WHM and click the "Service Configuration » Apache Configuration" link. Choose the "Include Editor" link.

2. Scroll down to the "Pre VirtualHost Include" section and select "All Versions" from the drop-down box.

3. Now add the following directive into the textbox:


<IfModule lsapi_module>
lsapi_enable_user_ini On

Save your changes, and make sure Apache is restarted.

Now changes made in MultiPHP INI Editor should work, even with lsapi enabled.


For security reasons, I do not recommend that you use this (lsapi_enable_user_ini On).The user can override settings in php.ini that shouldn't.


I really think that cPanel team should provide better and continuous support for lsapi.

PHP-FPM is complicated and require a lot of trials and errors configuration in order to get it right. The big dawnside to PHP-FPM is if the configuration is not ideal, the client's application comes to halt. That is not good at all.

Most of us developers are focused on development and it is time consuming and difficult for us to try to master this complicated PHP-FPM software.

So, cPanel team, please continue providing better support for lsapi because it is much simpler to configure and maintain.

We appreciate you and we hope we can continue promoting and saying good things about cPanel.

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