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Make sure cPanel is fully translated before every stable release

Monarobase shared this idea 6 years ago
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Every time a new cPanel version is released whole sections stay in english and sometime sections that were previously translated revert to english.

For example, in 11.54 the 'MySQL Wizard' title reverted to english in the French translation. This creates confusion for customers, some of whom started using the postgresql wizard by mistake.

Please improve the translation process so that before a new version makes it to the stable branch everything is fully translated. If you submit translations when the CURRENT branch is released your translation company should be able to finish the translations within a few weeks and leave you with plenty of time to integrate them before the STABLE branch is released.

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Currently our workflow is to start the translations around the time that we push to CURRENT, but there are many factors that play into when we get those added in to the interface once completed that might make it so we don't hit before the next version is released. There is definitely room for improvement in this process, though, so thank you for the feedback!

One of the ideas would be to get community-provided translations. In theory it would be relatively easy for us to push the strings to github when we hit Code Freeze (which typically is a week or two before we push to CURRENT). If there is enough interest in that, that could be a very good solution.


I've been asking for community translations ability for some time now.

However while github is ok for developers, I believe that cPanel should invest time creating a web interface so non tech users could suggest tranlations too. Something that makes the job easier by only showing non tranlated phrases.

We might even pay our own translator to suggest tranlations if such a tool existed.

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