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make the top blue bar one single row

starchild2012 shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like the WHM header to be s single row as opposed to two rows. By doing this you can save valuable on screen real estate. If an area needs to exist for server level notifications this could simply be put inside a conditional block(row) that shows IF that condition is met.


I don't understand why the top bar needs to take 2 whole rows and waste space. Surely it could be made into a single row? At least for wider (normal) screens?

See simple mockup attached.

I would have thought this is a no brainer.

I'm told:

"The area in the bottom right of the top bar is used for occasional server level notifications (for example, when it's time to restart the server due to a kernel update). It might feel empty, but removing it would limit our ability to push important notifications to end-users."

Surely this kind of message could be put in a conditional row/block that only shows IF such a message exists?

From a UI/UX persecutive, it's a massive waste of space right now.

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