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Max cPanel account disk quota for resellers

Mike shared this idea 5 years ago
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I would like to limit the disk space quota which a reseller can assign to any one cPanel account.

For example, we may assign a reseller with 100GB of disk space and overselling enabled. However, we may want to prevent them from creating an account with a disk quota over 25GB. This ensures the reseller doesn't create any massive accounts (e.g. a single account using 80GB of disk space) which can be problematic with some backup strategies.

The current reseller permissions lets us enable/disable unlimited disk space for resellers. This would expand that feature to be roughly like so:

Max disk quota limit this reseller can apply to any account:

[ 10 ] GB - or - [✔] Unlimited

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I think this could be handled via packages, ie. prevent accounts from creating a package with more than N quota, N bandwidth, etc. This would prevent customers from buying big reseller accounts to hold a single huge monster.

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