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Migration of accounts without SSH

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 11 years ago
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Currently, when one is migrating from a reseller account to their own cPanel&WHM server, the migration process is tedious. One needs to login to every cPanel account, click on "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup" then wait for the backup to complete before retrieving their backup. This creates a negative side-effect where a server becomes overloaded trying to accommodate dozens of simultaneous backup requests. Usually by the time one is migrating to their own server, they can easily have anywhere from a dozen to a hundred cPanel accounts. This process is time-consuming, manual and tedious.

The proposal is to allow a root user on a server to have an option "Copy reseller account from another server." This would let them provide their reseller credentials for that remote server. This tool would then, in sequence (rather than in parallel) trigger the backup of an account, then retrieve that backup file via APIs and restore it on the destination server. By operating in sequence rather than in parallel, we avoid a server migration causing the server overload that is commonplace in the current manual migration procedures.

This feature would require the reseller override feature be enabled on the remote server due to reliance on just the reseller credentials and use of the APIs.

It is understood this feature would likely be less reliable than the "Copy an account from remote server" feature.

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