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Minimal Backup...Just enough to recreate accounts from

tbenoit shared this idea 7 years ago
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Some of us use 3rd party backup systems to backup servers (like Idera ServerBackup). This makes many of the files/databases the cPanel daily backup gathers unnecessary. It would be a good idea for there to be an option to have cPanel perform its automated backup just gathering the minimum data necessary for the cPanel Restore process to recreate the account and update any necessary files/databases. The files in the user's home directory and the user's databases would then be restored using our 3rd party backup environment.

This would also provide a benefit of a shorter overall cPanel backup window.

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What other data from Create Account would you liked included? The bare bones of data to have an account could be generated just from Create Account. Are other items like Mail included in your definition of minimum?


Thank you for your comment.

From my standpoint, what would be backed up is only what is needed to properly create the account itself, assuming no data is mixed among multiple accounts. In essence, everything in /home/username (though the creation process would recreate the /home/username directory structure itself) and all of the databases would not be backed up by cPanel if the "bare bones" backup option was selected, leaving those items to be restored from everyone's 3rd party backup solution.


There's actually a solution for this here:

However, the major issue is that once you terminate the account and restore it from a backup, the user and group IDs are no longer the same, so after restoring the files from R1Soft/Idera, we have to deal with ownership conflicts.

A more useful feature would be something that resets/fixes the file and folder ownership.

Edit: I think that restoring the account without terminating it (/scripts/restorepkg --force username) should retain the user and group ID. In this case, the solution from the KB article above would suffice, but only when restoring accounts that already exist.


The only thing I could see would be an option to not backup database contents and only backup the details required to recreate databases with the same user rights and usernames. This could mean we could restore accounts from minimal backs then restore databases and files from R1soft or bacula4hosts backup.

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