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mod_antiloris and mod_security2 and mod_ruid2 +CSF embedded and better controlled directly into cpanel WHMC?

Roberto Santin shared this idea 8 years ago
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I'm focusing with the security layer of cpanel and I did found a perfect solution if you will implement mod_antiloris (for DOS attacks) and ModSecurity with Atomic ModSecurity WHM plugin ConfigServer ModSecurity Control (CMC) and CSF.

with these 4 tools a web hoster can keep away 99% of automated scripts that scans for server and website vulnerabilities and bad behaviour as:

- xxs attacks

- malware

- spam

- sql injection in general

- rootkits

- user agents (bad bots)

- brute force

- DOS in general (not DDOS at the moment)

It will be nice if all these modules could be integrated in cpanel (as optional or free) ...

These 4 applications will do a great job all together in order to control malicious behavior from autmated scripts, in fact as for today many hackers le these scripts run and as soon as a vulnerability is found the hacker goes check and try these kind of attacks and maybe cracks into a system (if you're lucky they will gain a web space access, but if you're unlucky they could gain server access).

Thanks a lot if you go to this direction...

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I think security is utmost important

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