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Modify default virtualhost with custom configuration file.

cpforestk shared this idea 7 years ago
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We need a way to modify the default VirtualHost much like the options provided in this documentation:

The documentation only seems to allow you to modify all of the VirtualHosts, all the VirtualHosts belonging to a specific user, or the VirtualHost of a specific domain. However, we need to be able to add something like an "Alias /download /usr/local/apache/download" directive to the default VirtualHost yet leave the other VirtualHosts unaffected. Please provide a way of doing this similar to the above documentation, such as placing our custom config files in the following two directories:



To be clear, we are looking for a solution that does not use the per-virtualhost include file(s). These already have data in them on our servers and we are looking for a way to place a ‘.conf’ file on these server to affect this change rather than manually update all of our per-virtualhost include files.

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