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Modify Resold Accounts within the View Reseller Usage page

acenetgeorge shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a WHM Administrator, I would like to be able to modify resold accounts within the view reseller usage page so that I can easily adjust settings such as bandwidth and quotas for multiple resold accounts under a single reseller.


Occasionally, there is a need to adjust settings such as bandwidth and quota for multiple resold accounts under a single reseller. We have had several reseller accounts who have over allocated bandwidth or disk quota, and we need to adjust multiple resold accounts to free up enough disk quota/bandwidth/etc. for a new resold account.

This is more of an ease of use feature. Perhaps add a drop down, and have the ability to modify resold accounts from within the view Reseller usage page. Currently, we need to either change pages or have an additional page open, and then swap back and forth to make changes to multiple accounts.

As a visual example, go to WHM -> Resellers -> View Reseller Usage and Manage Account Status. What I and a colleague were thinking would be to have a plus-sign drop down next to the username (sort of like the List Accounts page) that would give you the option to modify the account quota, bandwidth, etc. values.

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