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Modify the cPanel Plugin install program to place scripts or php files automagically

Gregg McClintic shared this idea 7 years ago
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It would be a good idea if the tar.gz file used in the cPanel Plugin install process had the ability to include a php file within it.

an example below for an install.json file.



"icon" : "example.png",

"group_id" : "files",

"order" : 100,

"name" : "example program",

"type" : "link",

"id" : "example",

"uri" : "example.php"



Similar to how the image placement works in the install.json file during the install, the php script or file would follow the known behaviour of the above image file referenced and get installed to the proper folder for the default theme of the server.

I've got a ticket with cpanel support that I was asked to reference in this request. Though I see no way to hide info in this request. If you want it, let me know and I will be happy to share with you.

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Ideally, install_plugin should be able to add files (php or whatever) to the theme directory as well.

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