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More backup options / flexibility

spaceman shared this idea 10 years ago
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As a hosting provider, I'd like to see more backup options / flexibility

AFAIK the default cPanel backup options have forever been the standard daily/weekly/monthly.

There's an upsell opportunity to offer an extended backup regime to clients - but only if cPanel facilitates more backup options / flexibility than it does already.

For example, I might want to offer to store offsite monthly or quarterly backups going back 1 full year. It would be fantastic if this was all fully and easily configurable via WHM.

Thanks for your consideration.

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I agree, we run backups with incremental and hard link options. We would love to be able to specify how many backups we want to keep… For instance I would like to have :

7 daily backups

4 weekly backups

6 mothly backups

I couldn't vote for this feature as I was told to wait for my votes to be renewed but I do give a definate +1 for this feature.


While I like the OP's suggestion, mine goes a little further to say increase flexibility in the time and backup time.

For example:

Id like to generate a Full Backup Monthly...

And Generate an Incremental Backup for Weekly / Daily backups


That definitely sounds like a viable feature request. The best option from here would be to add that as an independent request. Is that something you want to do, or would you like me to take care of that for you? We have a blog post about how best to format new feature requests here:


No problem Benny, I will make a new request then.

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