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More control over mail quotas for accounts

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 10 years ago
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I would like to see more granular control over mail spool quotas.

Either set up a maximum quota at the package level (so a lower priced plan has 50MB mail spools and a higher price plan has 100MB mail spools) and not allow users to modify this.


A way to allow users to change the mail spool up to a certain limit. Example might be: 5 accounts max, and 100MB total for the account, and either one email account can use all 100MB or 2 accounts can use 50 each or one at 60 and one at 40 etc... Or all 5 accounts can use 20MB each...

Right now, customers can change their quota to anything they like (even unlimited) which is not ideal.

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Deffinetely should be implemented as well other email functionalities already added here in the feature requests.

Please cPanel, do consider and implement this.

Any chance we could get it any time soon? When?


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