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More Flexible cPanel Update Tier Downgrades

JackHayhurst shared this idea 5 years ago
Needs Review

I understand there's a lot of merit behind not allowing downgrade from one cPanel version to an older version - theoretically there's no good reason to downgrade as every version should get better. Additionally, cPanel extensively tests upgrades from one version to another, providing downgrade functionality would mean (at least) double the testing, and likely (at least) quadruple the design time - not desirable from a product standpoint.

Currently, you can upgrade to a less stable/newer tier at any time. However, currently, you can only downgrade from a tier to a more stable tier if the versions match. This ties every user into their active tier until a given future time, and gives those users a limited window to downgrade. Many people don't know when that window is - they do not pay that close attention to the update cycle.

It would be nice to be able to set a server to a more stable target tier, but not downgrade the version. Then, when that tier gets to that version, or advances past it, it would then be nominally on that tier.

Additionally, I think it would be helpful to give an option to apply minor updates from active major version of the server - so you still get security, emergency, bugfix, and other minor updates. UI wise, I might envision this as a checkbox in near the update preferences - "apply minor updates from active major version", checked by default, and only available if the active version does not match the target tier.

As it currently is, I feel like a lot of users feel "trapped" into their current tier - something they may have meant to try for a brief time. While I don't like the idea of supporting downgrading, I also would rather end-users not feel forced into something they do not want. I also feel like these options give cPanel users a lot more options to try Edge, or perhaps upgrade for one feature then wait for stable after a specific release.

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Hello Jack,

I talked over this request with our development team and right now it looks like it would be too tall an order to set up downgrading in this manner. We do see that perhaps there is room for improvement when it comes to notifications for a user's opportunity to swap versions, and think we can find a way to make this work better.

For now I am going to mark this as "Not Planned" based on the overall desire for an overhaul to our downgrade system, but the points you've made have been heard and we're taking them into consideration for future updates. I appreciate taking the time to go into detail on your request. Let me know if you have any questions.

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