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wMore options in backup

Kevin Andrews shared this idea 7 years ago
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I would love to see the WHM backup with added configuration options, such as:

  • Backup of databases only. I am sure many users are like me in that the content of the sites which changes most often is contained in the databases. On a daily basis, I would like to be able to backup only the databases and nothing more, reducing backup time, server resources, and bandwidth for transferring the backups off-server. This would ideally be done in conjunction with my next suggestion, so that backups of the entire site could also be taken automatically, but less regularly.
  • Ability to optionally configure daily, weekly and monthly backups independently. For example, as it relates to my first suggestion, I'd like to be able to configure daily backups for my databases, but I could be happy with weekly or even monthly backups of my entire site files and system files, which don't change very often. I'd love to be able to tell WHM to backup the sites completely once a month, and then just backup the databases daily.
  • Ability to set more than one backup configuration and to set the cron for each directly from the backup configuration. For example, I may have some sites that rarely change at all, for which I would like to just do a backup once a month (or less, even better!). But other sites need frequent and regular backups.
  • Ability to set backup to run more than once per day. For an ecommerce site in particular, but also any site with an active forum or other changes being made frequently throughout the day, a daily backup averts outright disaster, but the loss of up to 24 hours worth of data is still possible, and the loss of at least some data is a virtual certainty. The ability to configure backups to run more than once per day would mitigate the damage should this occur. Again, to minimize drain on server resources, it would be important to be able to designate such backups to include just the databases, or even better, just one or two critical databases.

I see that there are ways in which to customize the legacy backups for some of this by manually editing the config file, but too much can go wrong. I don't want to rely on my hacks for something as critical as a backup.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to continually improve an already terrific resource. I have had occasion to transfer sites from non-cPanel servers, and it always makes me wonder why anyone, even a full-time IT professional, would ever choose to do without. For me, any host that does not at least offer cPanel as an option is a non-starter!

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