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Mount Based Packages

Z3120 shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like cPanel to provide me the ability to define the path, partition, or mount on which an account would be created, in order to more easily differentiate my hosting options and accounts.

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Essentially my use would revolve around disk types (SSD & Magnetic), with a VPS it's rather quick to add & drop volumes.

For thought:

Performance & backup factors such as giving a single client a dedicated volume for their domain/s & services with the ability of running image backups sound decent for mobility in attaching volumes to alternative servers dedicated / VPS.

The approach wouldn't be lost on dedicated servers as there is a cost to volume type rational there too & removing the drive (if dedicated) could eliminate some labour in a client change of server types etc.

The idea of isolated & encrypted dedicated volumes just sounds calming, however fickle that may be in certain scenarios.

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