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Multiple application-only servers under WHM masters (cPanel Cloud)

jmginer shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like to see cPanel duplicate what is has done with DNSOnly with additional services, such as Mail Only, Web Only, MySQL Only, allowing me to treat these servers as slaves and allowing them to be managed from a single cPanel & WHM parent server. From my perspective, this would also make it easier for cPanel & WHM to evolve into a more scalable CloudHosting solution.

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Very interesting.

This can lead to very nice infrastructure to support many kind of services on each slaves.

Each slave can be supporting PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc...


Yeah, this is to follow the other feature request called: Mail Only version of cPanel & WHM

Just add a exim (mail only) slave into our pool of servers and assign what accounts are taking service from them.

One account can run a Apache service from one slave, the Exim service from a different slave and MongoDB from other slave.

This will help also the Nginx integration (other slave runnin Nginx)

Slaves = Services

Master = cPanel accounts manager


We are providing hosting services and if cPanel develop this model (master WHM & Slave servers) it will help us separate each hosting service (mail,web,mysql), so if an interruption occurred in slave (one service) it will not affecting whole hosting services.


I really like this idea, we currently doing this "manually" resulting in duplicate domains and users across several servers. it's a bit messy but it works.

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