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Multiple dedicated IPs per account, set domain to a specific ip

hgrg shared this idea 9 years ago
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I'd like to have multiple dedicated ip's assigned to one cpanel account.

With this also the ability to set the ip of a domain over a cpanel interface which now can only be done in a cpanel user level. Usecase: ssl certificates on domains with the same user

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It is a MUST! Highly appreciated...

That would be VERY nice to have it implemented.

What do you think cPanel? When can we get it?


The other way around would be nice too. To be able to share IPs. Currently only one IP can be used as sharing IP. You e.g. cannot distribute accounts on two IPs (Workaround would be to use reseller accounts).


We also would like to be able to have one account and multiple IPs. And to be able for each domain to use for email its own assigned IP. We have many clients that have more than one domain in their account and requested this.


For different reasons, including email sending, there are clients requesting to be able to have more than one dedicated IP on their account.

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