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Multiple Domain (DNS Zone) Reset/Update

3x-a-D3-u5 shared this idea 7 years ago
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This function will allow the reset of all/selected dns zones/accounts. Unlike the current zone rest function this will also reset and parked domains on an account, check and add SPF records, and have the option to keep or remove the current TxT records.

Currently the only way to do this is via SSH and does not restore subdomains or parked domain zone files. (assuming you delete all zone files and do not make a backup like techs do.) Method here:

It is very useful for the following:

  • when you have old DNS entries that are incorrect or were migrated wrong using incorrect IP's
  • Easily reset Multiple zones according to existing account settings
  • Cleaning up any old or duplicate entries.
  • Restore parked domain zone files automatically

It would also be great when you have DNS issues and you want to reset all your dns zones. You could update all your clients DNS zones at once,

I think it could look something like this:

Domain/Account Reset: DNS Zone | Parked Domain Zone | Remove TXT records | Add SPF Record

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This would be a great option, as far as I know modifying the files wont affect cPanel as it reads the DNS zones directly from those files, but the only thing I'm aware it updates is the Serial number.


We have transfered a lot of accounts from other server, it's hard to do one by one a "reset dns zone" just to add our custom SPF record included in our DNS template.

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