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Propagate changes from Primary domain Zone to Parked domain Zone(s)

chrisdhall shared this idea 9 years ago
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One of the only things I have difficulty with in cPanel, is the handling of multiple DNS records for domains that are all tied to the same account.


Client A has,,,,; and these are all tied to the same account (using park domain). Now, if all these domains need to point at a website at a different IP address, then every single domain has to be edited individually.

We have customers who have lots of domains (i.e 50+) that all point to the same site, and have to each of their DNS records set. This is very time consuming, and counter intuative for us.

In An Ideal World

cPanel would act a bit like plesk (I shall now go wash my mouth out with soap). When the master domain (the one the initial account was setup with), has it's DNS records changed, any parked domains follow the same DNS settings, and these are written at the same time. If changes are required on an individual parked domain, then the DNS settings can be accessed and changed accordingly.

Maybe an option when changing DNS settings: Would you like to make these changes to all domains parked on this account?

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Your request seems to make a lot of sense, especially the proposal of a check box, or other control, that allows the user to decide which action to take. Am I correct in assuming you would like this functionality both for Resellers, and cPanel users?

Note: I changed the title of this request for clarity.


Yes it'd be for resellers and cpanel users, but it'd need a bold message on the page in the effect of 'Be warned, this will change the dns details for all domains selected/on your account'

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