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multiple named accounts per reseller

NOC_ shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like to add a feature where cPanel accounts can be managed by multiple users from a single reseller, so that other reseller users can manage the cPanel accounts under the same reseller.


For obvious security reasons we need to have named accounts on our servers, so each action can be related to a specific person. Or when this person leaves the company an account can simply be suspended. But when a reseller has multiple engineers which need to be able to create cpanel accounts and manage them, they currently can not see the accounts by their colleagues.

The only way multiple engineers can see this is by giving them the 'all' permissions, with which they can see ALL accounts (and can even change the server configuration). Which is also not desirable from the security point of view (e.g. a reseller is by definition not the sysadmin).

So I would like to suggest to create a feature to 'group' reseller accounts so they can share accounts created by them, but not by other resellers not belonging to that group..

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