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Multiple suspended pages in the Web Template Editor

Web Host Pro shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a Web-Hosting Provider, I would like to add functionality to the WHM interface to be able to send tailored messages or pages for each type of account suspension so that we can provide detailed information for the client about what steps they need to take to resolve separate types of suspensions, such as non-payment, abuse, or load issues.


Accounts can be suspended for multiple reasons. It would be nice to have tailored pages for each one. For example, if suspended for billing, you could have that message on the page with details about how to pay the bill and how long before it is removed from no payment. Even two options like a default and second option when manually suspended would help a lot. The billing software like WHMCS could use the default which would be for billing. And the alternative could be for load or abuse, etc... A custom option.

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