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MySQL Master-Master Replication between databases on the cPanel server and another server elsewhere.

Lupo Catttivo shared this idea 8 years ago
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It would be great to be able to do that between two cPanel server or even two server, where one is cPanel and the other is not, provided they both have mySQL installed. This is a very common practice in many newtwork envrionments, but I can't find the least reference to it anywhere on cPanel's knowledgebase.


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Master-master replication is still quite complicated. In most cases you still have master slave with the slave that takes over as master if the master becomes unavailable. Not sure why you would have one of them on the cpanel server as to share the load you would need an ip load balancer between both mysql masters.


Well there are many uses of such setups beyond load balancing. One of the common usages is when data from one database is used by other types of software in an intranet in another location. Sometimes business intelligence solutions also require database mirroring but it may happen that the main site and server are in Centos 7 while the business intelligence system is on a windows server (Tableau). Same applies to accountancy software that runs on olders OSes like Centos6 or even Ubuntu with older versions of MySQL than the one that cPanel ships with (for example a very popular accounting software in Italy called Passepartout runs only on Ubuntu and MySQL 5.1 and needs access to realtime database of the ecommerce site for which it does accounts). There are really many scenarios. Load balancing is just one but not the one I had in mind.

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