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MySQL Only version of cPanel & WHM

bettinz shared this idea 9 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I want something line DNS Only, but for MySQL (or any other SQL server you want, like MariaDB).

I know the feature of remote mysql, but what I want is something like DNS Only: I can setup one or more Mysql servers, assign a server to an account (account test have, and account alpha have, transfer a mysql DB from the original server to slave (like zones of DNS Only).

As an additional feature, we can maintain everything at "localhost" level, in order to maintain compatibility for sites already on server.

For example, if every slave have an unique name, with "localhost" we can map account1 to slave1 and account2 to slave2.

So the idea is:

cPanel Server with webserver and:

->Slave 1 with account1 databases

->Slave 2 with account2 databases

Visiting account1's site, it call localhost for MySQL connection, but cPanel know that MySQL for account1 is on Slave1.

This can dramatically improve speed and organization.

I think it's time to split service on more server, like for example DNS.

This feature with DNS Only and (I hope) Mail Only version (Mail Only version of cPanel & WHM) can help us to manage our servers.

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I think the multiple distant mysql servers feature request contains mosty the same as this one. The main difference is mapping localhost to the corresponding servers.

While it sounds good and might be a good option in some cases I think a single account should be able to be allowed to create databases on different mysql servers which would be difficult to achieve while maintaining per user nat redirect rules.

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