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MySQL Upgrade Wizard should require confirmation to upgrade to 5.6 if pre 4.0 passwords are still being used

cPanelMary shared this idea 9 years ago

The MySQL Upgrade Wizard allows a server to be updated to mysql 5.6 while some users still have old (pre 4.0) passwords in place. This results in those database users with old passwords not being to authenticate. It's possible to determine if a user has an old or new style password by looking at the length of the password field. You could use this to get a list of all users and their password's lengths

mysql> SELECT user, Length(Password) FROM mysql.user;

The user's with a length of 16 are using the pre 4.0 passwords, and the users with 41 are using new, secure passwords.

Downgrades to mysql are not supported and since seems to be about the configuration option to allow those old passwords to authenticate not working, there does not appear to be an easy way to recover from this situation.

Therefore, my request is that the MySQL Upgrade Wizard check for old passwords once upgrading to 5.6 is selected. If old passwords are found, it should inform the user about the situation and require that they click a button before proceeding.

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The MySQL Upgrade wizard currently requires disabling of the old password configuration before it will let you upgrade to version 5.6. In addition when selecting MySQL 5.6, if any users on the system have the old style hash the wizard:

1. Lists all the users with the older hash; and

2. Requires the admin to acknowledge that updating without changing those user's passwords will result in those users no longer functioning.

At this time I am considering this request fulfilled. The noted functionality should be in cPanel & WHM version 11.46 and newer.

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