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Nameserver Only Accounts

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 10 years ago
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It would be excellent if cPanel provided a control panel centered around the DNS-Only and/or BIND portion of the system. I know that it would be great if my dedicated and vps server customers (non webhosting types) could manage their name servers via the already existent system I have setup (cPanel server + DNS-Only machines). My vision would be as follows.

I create the account with the following:

- username

- password

- domain name

- ip

- nameserver selection (list of those with trusted relationship or by lookup)

When it creates the account, it will create the zones for that domain and ip. It would then be sweet to have a zone for the control panel at the server's ip address to allow for them to easily get to their domain control panel... something like

A separate zone template would be ideal.

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I would suggest just adding a 'dns only account' option when creating a new account. So users could log in as regular cpanel accounts, add/remove domains and edit their dns.

With disabled email/apache/ftp/db features for this account.

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