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Negative values in "Extra CPUs for server load"

Thiago Voltolini shared this idea 6 years ago
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I have servers running on 24 or more CPU cores and I think it would be interesting if I could set the "Extra CPUs for server load" option in tweak settings to a value lower then the number 0 CPU (-10 to set the cpuwatch process to 14 points on a machine with 24 CPUs for example).

That is because, during backups, when the load reaches 16-18 points sites and mysql begin to slow down because of the disk I/O. Limited to 24 (minimum for this machine) the load spike reaches 35-40 before it lowers down and by that time sites and control panel become unresponsive or very slow. In this particular example, the server load is always under 4 points

when the backup is stopped, so I could easily lower the backup load limiter to 10 to reduce the load spikes during backups if I could set a negative value in "Extra CPUs for server load".

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i have the same issue here on a dell server

load rises to high and disk I/O slows everything down and makes sites unresponsive


Here we have exactly the same issue, with an IBM Lenovo x3650 M5.

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