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New antivirus plugin for cPanel/WHM

Dante Williams shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like cPanel & WHM to provide support for additional options in Antivirus and Antimailware protection, to help me choose the right option for my server. This should include things like Comodo Antivirus, AVG, MailScanner, and ScrolloutF1.

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cPanel did a great job by partnering with Comodo to offer SSL Auto Install, thus contributing to increase security in the Internet.

In these times of mass hacking, the Next step cPanel could do is exactly this one: to extend its partnership with Comodo and other Linux antivirus providers in order to offer us cPanel users the benefits/assurances of using the best free antivirus out of the box with WHM. The last AV-Test for Linux was in 2015 and this is the ranking:

1. Avast File Server Security 1.2.1 - paid

2. AVG Server Edition for Linux 2013.3118 - free

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices 7.141118 - end of life, replaced by Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security (paid)

4. Cisco ClamAV 0.98.7 - free

5. Comodo Antivirus for Linux 1.1.268025.1 - free

6. Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security 6.2.39

Personally, even I would use any of the paid Linux AV if they bring me increased security to the server. If cPanel adds these antivirus apps/plugins somehow into WHM, cPanel will be doing a great service for improving Internet security.

Here we have important information by the respected concerning the performance of Linux antivirus in October 2015: "Detection of Windows malware: A total of eight out of 16 products detected between 99.7 and 99.9% of the 12,000 Windows attackers used in the test: Avast, F-Secure, Bitdefender, ESET, eScan, G Data, Kaspersky Lab (server version) and Sophos. Only the security package from Symantec achieved 100%. Noticeably weaker are the detection rates of McAfee with 85.1% and Comodo with 83%. Alarmingly feeble are the results of Dr. Web with 67.8%, F-Prot with 22.1% and ClamAV with only 15.3%!" source

Take into account these AV-Test results, and as 50% of servers in the world use Linux that serves billions of users worldwide, and that"cPanel is the most prevalent web control panel in the world. Its servers create a domain every 6 seconds and a hosting account with this control panel is created every 14.5 seconds."

For those reasons, I believe this cPanel should develop/improve its partnership with Linux antivirus providers/ This feature request should be put in top priority, even if it has close to zero votes. It is a feature that if impletented in priority by cPanel would have a 'yuge' :-) impact on server security, worldwide.


Furthermore, cPanel could turn this into a paid affiliate/sponsorship scheme and benefit financially from this, as well as enhancing customer security and featureset.


Exactly. Many of us would gladly pay to cPanel to keep a reliable antivirus updated automatically in our servers.


ClamAV is good with extra Signatures detect Linux PHP Malware &


If you get me access to a socket based scanning daemon I can probably code something up. I currently have a script which checks against clam. If it doesn't find anything then checks with Sophos. I'm trying to figure out how to get Comodo installed correctly, and will integrate the script to work with that. It isn't too difficult with Unix sockets as long as you know the API/ command to send to the scanning daemon


I think this should be the responsibility of the AV manufacturers to be coding a plugin to make their software compatible with cPanel - then cPanel can include it in the Manage Plugins interface.

I just don't think it realistic to expect cPanel to devote the resources necessary to coding the options being mentioned here without having to implement a price increase for the core cPanel license, or to sell the AV solutions for an inflated price so as to cover costs. I am sorry but I don't see any expectation of cPanel ever even covering costs with a affiliate/sponsorship scheme.

Would I like these features ? Yes of course I would !! ........... I believe we should be imploring cPanel to use their considerable corporate and market position to persuade the AV companies to co-operate - not to try and do it themselves.

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