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New Backup Interface needs a way to enable/disable remote ftp backups.

cPanelPeter shared this idea 9 years ago

Some users use a remote FTP server (Hetzner) to store their backups.

When this is first created using the WHM backup configuration, it does not apparently add the

upload_system_backup: 1

line to the configuration file in /var/cpanel/backups/XXXX.conf

Backups still run but don't get stored offsite.

The fix is to manually add the above line to the configuration file.

This should be added to the GUI so that users don't have to add the line manually.

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this is a bug that needs to be fixed ASAP!!!

we are all left without backups !!!!!!!!!!


This has been present in the system since at least version 54, so I'm going to mark this as completed. When you set up a new remote destination, or edit an existing one, you can check the box "" and you the system backups will be uploaded.

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