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New Backup/Restore System: Allow editing of option in restore queue, as well as change the order in the queue, and allow concurrent restores

ChicagoLinux shared this idea 9 years ago
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The are features I'd like to see in the New Backup/Restore System

Allow editing of option in restore queue

-Such as give dedicated IP

-Restore mysql

-Recreate account

-Restore subomdinas

As well as change the order in the queue

-When I have 1000 accounts restoring, and #999 calls saying he's losing $1 million each minute his site is down, I'd like to be able to bump him to the top of the queue or at least higher up.

and allow concurrent restores

-The old system allowed this and I'd have sometimes up to 4 screens restoring at once, this saved some (some, not a lot) time but more importantly allowed me to restore a site outside of the queue, currently when you click restore in another WHM window the same queue will show up.

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