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New cPanel accounts folders created under the folder of the main cPanel/WHM account

Gino Viroli shared this idea 10 years ago
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I would like to see new cPanel accounts folders being cerated under the folder of the main cPanel/WHM account.

In this way I can use one FTP (the one of the main cPanel/WHM) account to navigate in all cPanel accounts folders. One main FTP account makes everything easirer also when I need to backup folders.

Now if I create different cPanel accounts I have to get out from one FTP connection and enter another FTP connection just to navigate from one cPanel account public_html/ to another.

I know by adding new users as simple addon domains (insetad of cerating new cPanel account) gives me the power to use one singel FTP as explained above, but unfortunately by adding users as addon domains, I loose important features:

  • I can not check resource usage consumed by each user
  • the number of emails out could reach the maximum available (email outs are per cPanel account and not per addon domain account).
  • ect.

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