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New Report in Mail Queue Manager, Unique spammer IP Report

Richard Flanders shared this idea 7 years ago
Open Discussion

I am getting Spammed. In the Mail Queue Manager, if you open an e-mail you will see what I am talking about. See the 15th line in the body of the attached that begins "Subject: FW:", and the 16th line, which begins "X-PHP-script". I would like an export XLS file with the IP from the 16 line in one column, the remainder of the same line in column 2, and the remainder of the Subject: FW: line in column 3. If you can limit the report (file) to just unique IPs that would be helpful, but if you cannot, I can delete duplicate IP records. The IP will be used to block that IP in WordFence and my Firewall. The data in Column 2 will tell me which file in my site is corrupt so I can fix it, and the data in column 3 will tell me what sort of spammer is spamming me. If you can make this report available on the Manage Mail Que page, so folks can run it when they have a bunch of spammer email jamming the queue. Thanks. Rob Taylor, in Tech Support is in favor of this, suggesting it would help Tech Support also.

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