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node js logs, monitoring, and "watching"

Sean Mann shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like a feature (similar to PM2) added for logging, statistical analysis and monitoring for nodeJS apps so that I am able to have more control and functionality over my NodeJS apps as opposed to what cPanel Application Manager currently offers.



We recently upgraded cPanel and were pleased to find out that you can now (somewhat) manage NodeJS apps via cPanel. Ultimately what I'd like to see is some more features along the lines of what (free) PM2 provides.

  1. Logging! I do see where if the application fails to launch that you put out a log on the site's URL page, but PM2 also includes re-routing of the console.log function to logs (instead of writing a custom logger to a file). You can view log output history and live updates. I don't mind logging to a file, but it would be great if the cPanel interface had a way to view the log file for the app.
  2. Stats: PM2 offers a wide variety of stats for the node app such as CPU load, memory load, uptime, what port, and more (see PM2 monit command or It would be great to mirror these features in cPanel.
  3. Watching: PM2 allows you to enable "watching" on the app's directory so that when any file changes the app will be restarted ( cPanel only allows you to 'touch' a specific file to restart the app, which is really no different then having to write a command at the bash prompt (i.e. not particularly useful).

It seems the only real useful feature of cPanel's Application Manager for nodeJs is that it makes it dead simple to set up a URL path vs having to modify .conf files (which can get messy with cPanel).

Thanks for listening. For now I'm probably going to switch back to PM2. If there's a roadmap for any of these features please do share!

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