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"nofollow" on language buttons on cPanel and webmail login

Rihan shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like the ability to append ‘rel=nofollow” on cPanel and webmail links so that these URLs are not indexed or crawled by Google.


Currently, the robots.txt on cPanel and webmail prohibit indexing however Google Search Console has marked this as an issue and indexed it anyways.

They have, however, also indexed all the possible different locales links there are on the homepage and marked those as errors too. To prevent this from happening, a 'rel="nofollow"'can be added to the links.


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This is clearly more of a SEO issue than a security issue, but we have received several requests recently and over the years regarding this matter. Regardless of how the issue is seen, there is no good reason too allow bots to index any of the service subdomain pages nor follow the links.

As system admins we all understand it is just going to be security via obscurity, as only good bots will obey these implementations. However, implementing this simple change in your themes would not only remove concerns for some users, it would remove the inconvenience of users having to disable service subdomains just to gain some simple control.

In addition to the original request of adding nofollow to the links of these pages, please also add noindex meta tags to the pages.

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